Our aim is to equip you with the knowledge, skills and confidence required to make
responsible financial decisions through an easy and enjoyable learning experience.


    Do your children value your hard-earned money? Do they willingly share their toys with others? Are they equipped to handle money? It is never too early to start learning the value of money and the basics of saving, spending and sharing.


    For many college goers like you, financial independence is the first step into adulthood. But degrees, fool-proof business ideas and a fat salary package are not enough. Are you confident of making the right financial decisions?


    In today’s economically unstable times, too many individuals and families are struggling with ever-increasing financial stress. Are you equipped with the crucial knowledge and skills to manage your resources well and plan for a secure financial future?


    Are you fully aware of all your individual or family income, expenses, assets and liabilities? Or, do you leave the financial decisions to your father or husband? Discover the key to every woman’s financial independence and security.

  • home-mwc

    Money World Cup is a fun, interactive and super-easy quiz designed for school kids between classes 6 to 8.

  • home-mt

    Money Talk, a fun and interactive talk show with experts, is designed to engage college students and help them develop healthy money habits.

  • home-money365

    Money 365 workshops in collaboration with corporates is designed to empower working adults to manage their money well and plan for a secure financial future.

  • home-mv

    Money Vita is a fun and engaging workshop specially designed for both working women and homemakers.

Promote the best of financial education

IndusLeap invites corporates, institutions, schools and colleges to join hands with us in promoting the best of financial education and life skills in India.

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